About our polos

The sole motivation for TheMerinoPolo business is to increase year on year consumption of Australian grown merino wool.  By introducing high quality but affordable merino polo shirts into a very large market (approximately 400 million polos sold every year) that could (should) result in a market for wool that would create ongoing consistent demand and thus supply.

To achieve this, we had to consider the following.

Quality and workmanship were the priorities for determining where TheMerinoPolo was to be made.  Just as important was being able to deliver a high-quality garment that was economically viable to give business and sporting organisations a viable natural alternative to the extensive range of polo shirts currently on the market, primarily made from synthetic fibres.  

The polo had to be easy to care for.   They are 100% machine washable.

The polo had to be durable.  They maintain their new look for an for an extended time.

After testing many yarns, we chose a proven 'performer'.  TheMerinoPolo is crafted from a technical yarn produced from high quality 18.5-micron superfine merino wool (87%) and 13% recycled nylon.  This ultra comfortable, lightweight polo shirt was designed as part of our manufacturers technical range. 

They wear superbly in mild to hot climates, weighing less than 160 grams, with a patented treatment to resist and defend against body odour, drawing away sweat from the body to evaporate on the outer layer of the shirt.

You won't find a more comfortable, versatile polo shirt. 

The Merino used can be traced back to several Australian wool properties. The wool was purchased at auction by Endeavour Wool where Steve is the Endeavour Wools WA buyer. The wool was then shipped to one of China's most progressive and modern wool processors, New Chuwa.  After expert scouring and topmaking, the wooltop from this batch was then sent for spinning at AWI's chosen spinning mill, Xinao.  Sticking with AWI recommended wool manufacturers, the yarn was then sent to Diyang Merino Textiles to be knitted into the final, sensational garment that is 

The Merino Polo.